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Tax Law

The Tax Law division at KLA is dedicated to serving clients through planning and consultancy, focusing on structuring business solutions for complex tax matters.

Additionally, they handle judicial and administrative litigation across all levels, transfer pricing, and legal opinions concerning both direct and indirect taxes (such as ICMS, IPI, ISS, and PIS/COFINS).

The team’s work involves supply chains, international trade operations, corporate structures, transactions among related companies, executive compensation, and other related topics in both domestic and international contexts.


Tax Planning and Efficiency
• Analysis and restructuring of supply chains for efficiency
• Special tax regimes and benefits
• Analysis and structuring of corporate and financial operations
• Assistance for foreign investment structuring
• Credit Recovery
• Tax Review

Tax Consultation
• Direct and indirect taxes
• Immediate assistance for routine inquiries (helpdesk)
• Foreign trade
• Ancillary obligations

Transfer Pricing
• Consultation in business and transaction structuring
• Defining strategies for adopting TPG in 2023 or 2024
• Assistance in selecting the most appropriate TP method
• Preparation for compliance with Brazilian ancillary obligations (master file and local file)

Tax Litigation
• Judicial and administrative, at the federal, state, and municipal levels
• Contingency management
• Tax credit recovery
• Strategic processes and specific demands
• Mapping of tax liabilities (due diligence)
• Obtaining certificates of tax regularity


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