The ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles are embedded in the firm’s daily operations and its interactions with clients, partners, and suppliers. The responsibility falls under the oversight of the Social Responsibility Committee and the Ethics and Discipline Committee, both composed of managing partners and other collaborators.

The Social Responsibility Committee is dedicated to engaging team members in pro bono legal projects, sustainability practices, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives in collaboration with the Racial and LGBTI+ Affinity Groups.

Meanwhile, the Ethics and Discipline Committee oversees the Integrity Program, which includes regular compliance training. Additionally, it is responsible for the Code of Ethics and Conduct and the External Whistleblower Channel.



Pro Bono Practice

Pro bono legal work has been an integral part of KLA since its foundation in 2002, as the firm is a signatory of the Pro Bono Declaration of the Americas.

Through partnerships with the Pro Bono Institute and the Thomson Reuters Foundation, our lawyers provide assistance to organizations dealing with socio-environmental issues. The work ranges from the formal constitution of the entity to guidance on fundraising, data protection policies, and labor consultations.

We are also members of the Pro Bono, Social Responsibility, and Diversity Committee of Cesa (Center for the Study of Law Firm Societies).

  • Finalist for the TrustLaw Awards 2023 in the Impact Award category with the guide “Data Protection: a legal comparative study of 9 countries”
  • Pro Bono Leading Light recognition in 2020, 2021, and 2022, in the publication by Latin Lawyer and the Vance Center
  • Recognition in the Latin Lawyer 250 of 2022 for pro bono work
  • Finalist for the Best Law Firm of the Year award in the pro bono category at the Leaders League 2022
  • Winner of the TrustLaw Collaboration Award 2020 for the project “Working Together for Freedom of Information in Ecuador,” carried out by KLA in collaboration with Fundamedios and other law firms in Latin America


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As a signatory of the Business Forum for LGBTI+ Rights since 2022, KLA promotes actions respecting the rights of marginalized groups through the Social Responsibility Committee and the LGBTI+ and Racial Affinity Groups.

Consistently conducts demographic surveys to gather data that informs the impactful initiatives of the Committee. Regularly organizes lectures featuring both external and internal speakers, addressing topics related to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I), such as sexual orientation and anti-racism efforts.

The firm helps programs to support the entry of students from marginalized groups into the legal job market, including Incluir Direito, Next Generation of Lawyers, and GFC Solidário.

  • Gender Equity Seal 2021, awarded by Cesa (Center for the Study of Law Firm Societies)
  • São Paulo Diversity Seal in 2018, granted by the Government of São Paulo
  • Members since 2016 of the Ethos Institute of Companies and Social Responsibility, which helps companies manage their businesses in a socially responsible manner
  • Partners in 2022 with the Conexão Negra project, an initiative of the Public Ministry of Labor and ILO Brazil


KLA was one of the pioneering law firms in Brazil to develop an internal Compliance & Investigations practice and subsequently implement its Integrity Program. One of our greatest assets is the commitment to transparency, ethics, organizational climate, and the trust of our employees and clients.

The Integrity Program includes mandatory and systematic compliance training, with conduct and discipline rules outlined in the KLA Code of Ethics and Conduct. The code, which is mandatory reading, is regularly reviewed by the Ethics and Discipline Committee.

The External Whistleblower Channel, implemented in 2022 and independently managed by the company Contato Seguro, ensures confidentiality and effectiveness in handling reports, with a direct connection to the KLA Executive Committee.


KLA has adopted electronic signatures for documents and digitally transformed all its files, eliminating the use of over 800 thousand sheets of paper annually. Printers have been removed from corridors to discourage unnecessary printing.

The office’s physical space underwent a renovation in 2022, marking a new phase in resource consumption, with improved energy efficiency in lighting throughout the space. Collection points for recyclable and organic waste are distributed across the floors to encourage responsible disposal and support the condominium’s selective waste collection efforts.

  • Electronic document signatures have avoided the emission of 2.7 tons of carbon until 2022, in addition to saving 28,000 liters of water and 1 ton of wood
  • Planting 200 trees in 2022 with the NGO Iniciativa Verde offset the 60 tons of carbon footprint generated in the second half of that year