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Energy and Natural Resources

The Energy and Natural Resources team at KLA advises its clients on various activities within the electrical sector and the utilization of natural resources, particularly focusing on water resources.

Our team possesses expertise in projects carried out in collaboration with specialized technical consultancies, as well as with financial institutions for the purpose of fundraising and structuring investments.


• Advisory and consultancy in generation projects (including distributed generation), distribution, commercialization, and transmission of electric power
• Legal assistance in transitioning to the free market, tax consultancy, as well as regulatory consultancy and litigation for entities before sectoral bodies
• Guidance on privatization projects, as well as in the acquisition, merger, incorporation, spin-off, and sale of assets and equity interests in energy sector companies
• Receivables securitization and other securities for project financing in the energy sector
• Formation of consortia, special-purpose entities, and other forms of association for implementing sectoral projects
• Negotiation of corporate contracts (Power Purchase Agreements – PPAs, Turn-Key Contracts, Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Contracts – EPCs, instruments related to distributed generation projects, regulated and free market contracts)
• Sector-specific environmental licensing


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