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Economic and Competition Law

The Economic and Competition Law team at KLA comprises professionals from diverse backgrounds with extensive experience in advising clients on antitrust and trade policies.

The team assists organizations in submitting concentration acts to the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE), a regulatory body that serves as a consolidated model in the competition defense area, requiring multidisciplinary analyses and rigorous technical expertise.

Lawyers in this field also handle administrative proceedings concerning anti-competitive practices.


Submission of M&A to CADE
• Various industries (automotive, education, infrastructure, telecommunications, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food retail, technology, and services)
• Preparation of legal opinions and advice
• Analysis of competitive risks related to M&A transactions
• Highly complex cases

Antitrust Compliance
• Training and internal communication materials
• Elaboration and review of policies and business practices
• Internal investigations
• Liabilities audits related to anticompetitive conduct in M&A processes

Anticompetitive Conduct Investigations
• Consultation regarding competitive compliance in unilateral and coordinated practices
• Administrative and judicial defenses
• Leniency and Cessation of Conduct Agreements
• Risk assessment related to anticompetitive conduct


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