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Capital Markets

The Capital Markets division at KLA has extensive experience across all types of securities transactions, including representing clients in proceedings before the CVM (Securities and Exchange Commission).

They also provide assistance with public offerings of commercial papers, real estate receivables certificates (CRI), and agribusiness receivables certificates (CRA).

Our client base encompasses investment banks, asset managers, investment funds, securitization companies, and firms from various sectors. The professionals possess particular expertise in real estate, agribusiness, and telecommunications industries.


Financing and Debts
• Public and private issuance of debentures, including tax-incentivized debentures.
• Public issuance of commercial notes, promissory notes, financial letters, real estate receivables certificates (CRI), agribusiness receivables certificates (CRA), and a variety of other receivables certificates (CRx)
• Issuance of debt securities abroad (notes & bonds)
• Entities for promotion, insurance guarantee operations, and support for operations with the BNDES
• Structuring and analysis of simple and syndicated bank loan operations and debt renegotiation

Rules for Securities Trading
• Representation in administrative and sanctioning proceedings before the CVM
• Regulatory for publicly traded companies
• Guidance and monitoring of processes and procedures for entities under CVM supervision

Investment Funds and Asset Management
• Structuring and registration of investment funds
• Public issuance of investment fund units
• Procedures of establishment, authorization, and supervision applicable to asset management and administration activities
• Advisory and Regulatory for Capital Markets


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