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The Automotive team at KLA has expertise in assisting various participants within the sector’s production chain, particularly automakers and their suppliers.

The team provides clients with assistance in assessing risks and legal procedures in cases of recalls, as well as guidance on the “battle of forms”. Additionally, we support companies in contract negotiations, administrative procedures, mergers and acquisitions.


• Analysis and negotiation of standard terms and conditions with automakers, as well as guidance on the “battle of forms”
• Drafting and revising long-term agreements, pricing agreements, supply contracts, and other documents inherent to the automotive market
• Assistance in assessing risks and legal procedures in cases of recalls
• Aid in relationship management, analysis, and negotiation of contracts with other suppliers (Tiers) and directed sources (Direct Sources) within the production chain
• Preparation of legal filings and other necessary documents for the filing and defense of lawsuits, administrative proceedings, mediation, and arbitration in matters related to supply interruption and price negotiation
• Support in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) resulting from automakers changing suppliers


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