The 17th Civil Chamber of the Court of Justice of the State of Rio de Janeiro granted the Brazilian Soccer Confederation (CBF) and its official sponsor in the field of beverages with a preliminary injunction ordering one of the sponsor’s competitors to refrain from using a copy of the Brazilian National Soccer Team’s uniform in its advertising campaigns, under penalty of a fine of R$ 100,000 for each advertisement.

According to the decision, the sponsor’s competitor could not have used a copy of the uniform of the official Brazilian National Team without CBF’s authorization – owner of the intellectual property rights of the uniforms – and also due to the fact that the Brazilian National Team’s sponsor had exclusivity rights for the exploitation of publicity with the use of the sporting entity’s trademark and images.

According to the Reporting Judge of the case, by using the use of a uniform with the same colors as those of the Brazilian National Team’s uniform without a proper authorization, the sponsor’s competitor would be unlawfully associating its trademark to the sporting entity.

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