Law No. 16,871/2018 increased to BRL 15,520.00 the fine due to abandonment of cars or deposit of rubble, solid waste or residues of any nature (above 50 kg ) in public areas of the city of São Paulo, infraction provided in Law No. 15,244/2010. The fine will be doubled in case of reoccurrence.

This Law also assured to citizens the right to present complaints about the illegal waste disposal in the city, pursuant to the regulation to be edited by the Municpality within a 90 days period.

The authorization issued by the City Hall to provide urban cleaning services under the private regime has also changed. The new Law added the following condition for the issuance of such authorization: the company that aims such authorization cannot have been fined for transportation or irregular disposal of solid waste of any kind. Other conditions were provided in Law No. 13,478/2002, which regulates the organization of the urban cleaning system of the city of São Paulo.

Finally, the new Law sets out that the transport of solid waste should be carried out by appropriate vehicles, duly identified with the maximum capacity and its purpose.

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