The Data Protection sector has been gaining more strength in the legal environment. However, several countries still have outdated legislation in this area, an example of this is the Data Protection Law of Argentina, which was enacted in the 2000s and since then has not sufer any changes, making this law no longer a mechanism for protection.

The guide “Data Protection: a legal comparative study of 9 countries” was created to help with this matter. The initiative was coordinated by TrustLaw, the global pro bono service of the Thomson Reuters Foundation, which connected Democracia en Red with law firms in Argentina, France, Chile, Colombia, Canada, Brazil, Spain, Mexico and Uruguay.

Each one of these firms was responsible for producing legal research on the Data Protection legislation of their respective countries of origin, and KLA was one of the offices called upon to collaborate on the project.

Click here to view and download this document.

We value the opportunity to contribute to the project and reinforce our commitment to the practice of Pro Bono, one of the pillars of KLA Advogados.

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