The Leaders League Brazil released new rankings this week, after four months of extensive research.

KLA Advogados was highlighted in nine areas: Copyright Law, Data Protection, Life Sciences, Media & Entertainment, Startups and Innovation, Technology, Telecommunications, Trademark Litigation and Trademark Prosecution, and seven of our lawyers were mentioned by the publication: Tiago Cortez, Karin Alvo, Luiz Filipe Aranha, Paulo Prado, Guilherme Ieno, Melissa Kanô and Ana Carolina Cesar.

Several law firms participated on this new ranking, in addition to thousands of professionals from public and private companies and financial institutions.

Check out the complete results below:

– Copyright Law (Highly recommended)
Ana Carolina Cesar

– Data Protection (Highly Recommended)
Ana Carolina Cesar

– Life Sciences (Recommended)
Tiago Cortez and Paulo Prado

– Media & Entertainment (Recommended)
Melissa Kanô

– Startups and Innovation (Excellent)
Karin Alvo and Luiz Filipe Aranha

– Technology (Valuable practice)
Karin Alvo and Ana Carolina Cesar

– Telecommunications (Highly recommended)
Karin Alvo and Guilherme Ieno

– Trademark Litigation (Valuable Practice)
Ana Carolina Cesar

– Trademark Prosecution (Notable practice)
Ana Carolina Cesar

Check out the results on Leaders  League’s page.

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