On November 9th, it was published ANTT’s Ordinance No. 5,833/2018, which amends the Ordinance No. 5,820/2018, establishing infractions and applicable penalties for the non-compliance with the minimum freight table.

The new wording of Resolution 5,820/2018 defines that: (i) for those who contract road transportation services below the minimum price, it will be applied a fine in the value of two times the difference between the paid value and the minimal price, limited to the minimum of BRL 550.00 and to the maximum of BRL 10,500.00; (ii) to the transporter that performs the transport service in a price below the minimal it will be imposed a fine of BRL 550.00; and (iii) for those who prevent, obstruct or hamper the access to information and documents by the inspection to verify the regularity of the payment, the fine will be applied in the amount of BRL 5,000.00.

Resolution came into force on November 9, 2018.

For further information, please contact:
Paulo Prado
Álvaro Lucasechi
Juan Acosta






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