Came into force on August 05, 2017, Resolution No. 74/2017, of the Environment Secretariat of the State of São Paulo, simplifying the environmental licensing of power generation by solar photovoltaic enterprises at the state level.

The simplification of the licensing process has as central pillars: (i) to analyze the enterprise in a holistic manner, in other words, considering all associated infrastructure in the process (such as electric systems, substations, transmission or distribution lines, among others), including when the implementation of the photovoltaic units is modular and sequential; (ii) to use environmental studies instruments of higher or lower complexity for the issuance of the previous license, depending on the power of the enterprises, as follows.

The resolution also determines that a more restrictive environmental licensing procedure may be applied for specific social and environmental impact situations.

With the new regulation, the State of São Paulo Estado de São stimulates the use of clean primary energy sources and, in addition, helps to approximate the power generation to the centers of energy demand, which contributes to the reliability of the Brazilian electric system.

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Paulo Prado

Marianne Albers

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