On 03/06/2018, it will enter into force, the Board Decision no. 076/2013/C, of the Environmental Agency of the State of São Paulo – CETESB, published on 04/04/2018. Such Decision establishes the procedures for incorporating Reverse Logistics within the scope of environmental licensing.

In view of the Decision, the reverse logistics implementation is gradually required as a condition for issuing or renewing the operating licenses of the enterprises subject to environmental license process.

The Decision applies, in the first stage, to manufacturers or those responsible for importing, distributing or marketing the following products: (i) pesticides, for the reverse logistics of their empty packages; (ii) automotive batteries; (iii) packages in general (beverages; food, cleaning and hygiene products; cosmetics; and empty packages of outdoor paints); (iv) automotive lubricating oil filter; (v) fluorescent, sodium and mercury vapor and mixed light lamps; (vi) overdue medicines of domestic use; (vii) cooking oil; (viii) used and contaminated lubricating oil and also its plastic packages; (x) portable batteries; (xi) tires; (xii) domestic electronic products and their components with a voltage up to 240 V.

For the purposes of the Board Decision, “manufacturers” are the owners of the brands of the respective products, as well as those who, on behalf of the trademark holders, carry out the packaging, assembly or manufacture of those products.






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