We kindly remind you that, on September 22nd of last year, Law 14,457/2022, responsible for creating the “Emprega + Mulheres” Program, was sanctioned to provide measures to insert and maintain women in the labor market.

The Law determined, within 180 days, the adoption of measures with the objective of preventing and combating sexual harassment. Therefore, it is worth reminding companies that have not yet put in practice the measures imposed by Law 14,457/2022, that the deadline ends on 03/20/2023, and, from that moment on, such companies may be targets of inspections by the Ministry of Labor and Employment or investigations by the Public Ministry.

In summary, the mandatory measures are:

I – inclusion and internal disclosure of rules of conduct regarding sexual harassment and other forms of violence;
II – establishment of procedures for receiving and following up on complaints, for the eventual application of administrative sanctions to those responsible for acts of sexual harassment and violence, guaranteeing the anonymity of the complainant;
III – inclusion of topics related to the prevention and fight against sexual harassment and other forms of violence in the activities and practices of the CIPA;
IV – carrying out, every 12 months, actions for training, guidance and awareness of employees on topics related to violence, harassment, equality and diversity in the workplace.

The professionals from our Labor & Employment team are available for any clarification, especially for training aimed at preventing and combating harassment.

For more information on the subject or how to apply the measures above in your company, contact our specialists:
Alexandre Pessoa
Bruna De Cesare
Paulo Chubba

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