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Data Privacy Day marks global respect for data protection
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Data Privacy Day marks global respect for data protection

The absence of assurances that data will be handled correctly can result in serious breaches; the advancement of artificial intelligence demands attention

On January 28th, we celebrated the International Data Privacy Day, which represents a global reminder of the importance of privacy and personal data protection.

As everyday life increasingly intersects with technology and the digital environment, the massive use of personal data becomes an inevitable reality. In this context, societal awareness and effective protection of personal data take on even more crucial importance.

Artificial Intelligence, which depends on the extensive collection, processing and use of data in order to operate and thrive, is a significant example. The absence of guarantees that data is handled ethically, legally and securely, fully respecting the rights and interests of data subjects, can result in serious violations of fundamental rights.

For this reason, from a business perspective, compliance with applicable data protection laws and the proper implementation of a privacy program confer good reputation, competitive advantages, a high degree of transparency, and precision in activities to organizations.

In the Brazilian scenario, since the approval of Federal Law No. 13.709/18, known as the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) in 2018, the evolution and efforts have been notable, not only in legislative and regulatory terms, but also by society as a whole in favor of building a data protection culture. This scenario reinforces the country’s commitment to aligning with international privacy and data security standards.

KLA Advogados has extensive experience and assists organizations in implementing data protection program, supporting clients from different sectors in complying with the law and in adopting the necessary controls to meet their requirements. We make ourselves available to assist on project implementations and answer any questions.

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