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Wealth Management, Family Law, and Succession

The Wealth Management, Family Law, and Succession division at KLA provides clients with personalized assistance, offering tax, corporate, and civil solutions in Brazil and abroad. This includes estate and succession planning, tax consultancy, and family law.

The team also engages in drafting prenuptial agreements, cohabitation contracts, divorces, wills, and estate administration. Additionally, they offer guidance for international residency and citizenship planning, as well as handling transactions involving non-residents in Brazil.


Wealth Management
• Succession and tax planning in Brazil and abroad
• Corporate governance, succession planning, mediation, and dispute resolution
• Acquisition of residency in other countries
• Mechanisms for international investments
• (including tax and regulatory advisory)
• Establishment of trusts, foundations, and philanthropic entities
• Formation and operation of family offices

Family and Inheritance Law
• Prenuptial agreements, common-law partnership contracts, dating contracts, separations, divorces, and dissolution of common-law partnerships
• Appointment of guardian/trustee, living will, legal incapacity, modification of property regime, child custody and visitation, and child support/alimony
• Donations, establishment of usufruct, and establishment of family patrimony
• Wills, judicial and extrajudicial inventories, listing and permits, authorizations, and family mediation
• Advisory for foreigners within the scope of Private International Law

Tax Aspects
• Tax consultancy for individuals and multinational families
• RERCT – Special Exchange and Tax Regularization Regime (Repatriation Law)
• Income Tax Return Declarations for Individuals and Declarations of Brazilian Capitals Abroad (CBE)
• Matters related to Inheritance and Gift Tax (ITCMD)


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