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Litigation and Dispute Resolution

The Dispute Resolution team at KLA holds extensive experience representing both national and multinational companies in lawsuits and administrative proceedings across all levels and courts in the country.

The team also boasts experience in arbitration procedures and engages in mediations through major mediation and arbitration chambers.

Their expertise includes strategic consulting across all legal areas, emphasizing conflict prevention and employing various dispute resolution methods such as negotiation, dispute boards, or mediation.


Judicial Litigation
• Acting in lawsuits of various natures, focusing on strategic litigation
• Representation before PROCONs, TCU and regulatory agencies
• Acting in higher instances via own office

Prevention Conflicts and Mediation
• Focus on solving the customer problem
• Emphasis on pre-judicial phase, avoiding judicialization of demands
• Solid experience in institutional mediations

• Acting in national and international arbitrations
• Performance in preparatory measures for Arbitration


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