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The Infrastructure team at KLA holds multidisciplinary expertise in regulatory, contractual, real estate, financial, and tax aspects crucial for infrastructure project implementation.

It gathers expertise across various industries, including mining, electric power, transportation, sanitation, and telecommunications.

The service in this area offers clients solutions with the assistance of Civil Litigation and Compliance specialists, both preventively during the development and implementation phases of projects.


• Consultancy for structuring, development, and financing of infrastructure projects
• Advisory services in privatization processes, regulatory framework modeling projects, and supply contracts
• Assistance in structuring the fiscal aspects of operations and in regulatory, corporate, contractual, labor, real estate, and environmental issues applicable to projects
• Consultancy in bids, administrative contracts, permissions, authorizations, concessions, and public-private partnerships (PPP)
• Analysis and negotiation of contracts with public entities
• Management of administrative contracts and agreements
• Management of concessions, permissions, and authorizations
• Drafting of association contracts (joint ventures), shareholder agreements, and establishment of Special Purpose Entities (SPEs) or consortia, within the scope of infrastructure projects
• Assistance in the analysis of regulations issued by regulatory agencies and in regulations related to international entities


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