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ESG team at KLA comprises professionals with expertise in the dedicated areas encompassed by the acronym: Environmental, Social, and Governance.

The team operates in a cross-cutting and multidisciplinary manner to assist organizations in the preparation and review of legal aspects within ESG reports, meeting the growing market demand.

Moreover, it provides guidance for establishing an inclusive culture respecting human rights, conducts legal analysis for circular economy management, and performs corporate risk assessment concerning labor issues, compliance, and anti-corruption measures.


Environmental Aspects
• Consultancy on meeting corporate and product-focused climate targets (including net zero claims) and related verification measures such as offsets, use of renewable energy, and the “internalization” of mitigation measures
• Consultancy on assessing compliance with reverse logistics goals, including product recovery, post-consumer liability, waste management and audit requirements for the supply chain
• Reforestation projects, forest restoration, and deforestation prevention
• Structuring and legal advisory for the development of renewable energy projects and/or energy transition, biomass, biogas, and other generation sources.

Social Aspects
• Preparation of legal reports on the implementation of ESG policies and practices in accordance with national and international legislation
• Legal report for sectoral certifications related to the socio-environmental aspects of society and in accordance with national and international parameters, including issues related to Human Rights
• Audit of suppliers, partners, and customers, with a focus on responsible hiring criteria and labor relations

Governance and Compliance
• Elaboration of procedures, policies, and legal requirements for ESG disclosures, ESG due diligence obligations, and sector certifications
• Elaboration of institutional socio-environmental policies and ESG and transparency reports
• Interaction with federal, state and international regulatory bodies and trade associations
• Elaboration of shareholder agreements aimed at sustainability goals, metrics, and performance indicators to promote ethics and compliance in business


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