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ESG team at KLA comprises professionals with expertise in the dedicated areas encompassed by the acronym: Environmental, Social, and Governance.

The team operates in a cross-cutting and multidisciplinary manner to assist organizations in the preparation and review of legal aspects within ESG reports, meeting the growing market demand.

Moreover, it provides guidance for establishing an inclusive culture respecting human rights, conducts legal analysis for circular economy management, and performs corporate risk assessment concerning labor issues, compliance, and anti-corruption measures.


• Mapping socio-environmental risks and managing impacts on affected communities
• Advisory on the diagnosis and management of impacts resulting from climate change
• Advisory for defining sustainability goals with a focus on the positive contribution of companies to society
• Advisory for the management of risks related to adverse environmental impacts and reporting to stakeholders

Social and Human Rights
• Assessment of ESG maturity and the level of diversity and inclusion within the organization
• Advisory on defining criteria for the implementation of an inclusive culture
• Support in the implementation of seal and certification of inclusion, and monitoring of goals
• Advisory for crisis management arising from crimes of prejudice against marginalized groups and harassment
• Advisory for prevention and management of crises related to human rights violations

• Assessment for the improvement of internal conduct for Governance and Compliance enhancements
• Support in the development of an action plan and structuring internal policies and a code of conduct
• Assessment for the evaluation of corporate risks in areas such as Labor, Compliance, Anticorruption, and Governance
• Advisory for crisis management related to legal proceedings in ESG matters
• Preparation of ESG Reports, including materiality mapping and its correlation with organizational policies, report writing, and legal risk treatment


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