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The Contracts team at KLA features a specialized group dedicated to serving both national and international clients in all forms of commercial contracts, from their drafting to negotiation.

The team holds expertise not only in assessing the legal aspects of a contract but also in identifying commercial issues that may impact the client’s relationship with other parties. An interdisciplinary approach is employed in defining suitable contractual structures tailored to the individual demands of organizations.


Strategic Consultation
• Evaluation of contractual relationships
• Contract negotiation
• Preparation of contractual drafts of various types and subjects
• Creation of ancillary documents to contracts, such as commitment letters, notifications, receipts, and addendums
• Analysis, review, adjustments, and considerations regarding contractual terms, and adaptation of foreign contracts to Brazilian standards

Contract Management
• Electronic storage of contracts
• Guidance through contract signing processes
• Tracking due dates and other contractual deadlines
• Preparation of notifications about deadlines and document submission requirements

Legal Audit
• Conducting contractual audits by analyzing contracts already signed by the target company
• Identifying risks and relevant information
• Preparation of audit reports


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