On October 3rd, 2023, the National Data Protection Authority (ANPD) published a consultation on the pilot program for a regulatory sandbox for artificial intelligence and personal data protection.

The consultation’s purpose is to gather information and data relevant to promoting an understanding of stakeholders’ perspectives and assessing the potential impacts of future regulations on the subject.

In general terms, a regulatory sandbox consists of a collaborative experiment between various players to test innovations in a structured regulatory framework that enables risk management. In this case, for example, the participants’ technologies associated with artificial intelligence (AI) will be tested in a controlled environment.

The pilot structured by the ANPD is an important thermometer, considering that it will provide good visibility on the practical effects of AI-focused regulation.

Interested parties, whether Brazilian or foreign, from the public or private sector, can send their contributions to the consultation through the Participa + Brasil Platform until November 1st.

KLA’s Technology and Data Protection team is available to help with any questions and to structure contributions to the ANPD.

This informative was written by Ana Carolina César and Lara Salgueiro.

For further information, contact:
Ana Carolina César

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