The electronic police stations of the State of São Paulo started to file online police reports of frauds, crimes against consumers and robbery or theft of commercial establishments, households and  cargo. The filing of police reports can be requested at the website

The electronic police stations still do not file police reports of offenses that leave physical evidence that must be collected by the police, such as homicide, robbery that results in death, rape, and domestic violence.

The measure taken by the Government of São Paulo aims to fight the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and allows the citizens to report the offenses without leaving the quarantine. Before the expansion of the platform, the electronic police stations only filed police reports for loss or theft of documents, traffic accidents and other non-criminal incidents.

The implementation of this measure benefits the society on the fight against crime and the Coronavirus and  enables public authorities, public officials and counsels to do their work safely.

However, the police report is only a narrative of an incident. Thus, in cases in which the victim has an interest in criminal prosecution, it is especially important for the electronic police report to be complemented with a request for the opening of investigations, in which it is possible to present to the authorities the documents and media that can assist in the investigation.

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