Decree No. 9,307 of March 15, 2018, amended the recently published Decree No. 9,245 of December 20, 2017, which establishes the National Policy on Technological Innovation in Health, to establish that the last Decree does not apply to: (i) Public-Private Development Partnerships (“PDP”), HealthCare Technological Purchase Orders (“ETECS”) and Healthcare Compensation Measures (“MECS”) commenced until December 20, 2017, regardless of the phase in which they are; and (ii) instruments related to PDP, ETECS and MECS in force on December 21, 2017, unless it is possible to make them compatible with the Decree’s provisions, without causing damage to the treasury, and if there is manifestation of interesting by the parties involved.

The previous wording was that Decree No. 9.245/2017 was inapplicable for instruments related to PDP, ETECS and MECS, in force on December 21, 2017.

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