Came into force on August 14, 2017, Service Orientation No. 341/GGPAF/ANVISA, which establishes criteria and procedures for the distribution, analysis and conclusion of Import Licenses – IL, in Siscomex modality, in the Sanitary Surveillance Coordination and Offices in Ports, Airports, Borders and Border Warehouses.

Such ANVISA’s internal rule provides that the Import License requests shall be distributed to any government official who has competence to analyze it, in any of ANVISA’s customs units. The term for the analysis, disregarding the compliance with specific technical requests made by the government official, is seven days.

Previously the analysis of IL requests were restricted to the unit directly involved in the clearance, which caused delays of up to 30 days in the review of the applications in some units of higher concentration, as in São Paulo units.

For further information, please contact: 

Paulo Prado

Tiago Cortez

Marianne Albers

Tatiana Kascher






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