After the approval of TCU (Union Court of Auditors), the ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency) approved yesterday (June 06, 2022) the public notice for the auction of the seventh round of airport concessions. The legal documents, comprising the public notice and contracts for the auction process, which is divided into three blocks and will be held on August 18 at the São Paulo Stock Exchange (B3), are already available to interested parties.

With an investment forecast of R$ 7.3 billion, Congonhas Airport (SP) and 14 other terminals were divided into three blocks modeled in order to attract new investor profiles, improve competition between airports and promote the development of Brazilian airport infrastructure. With the auction, regulatory authorities hope to ensure more connectivity through air transport, with comfort, safety and technology for all passengers, in addition to generating around 100,000 new jobs.

The blocks of this seventh round are divided as follows:

General Aviation Block: Integrated by the airports of Campo de Marte (SP) and Jacarepaguá (RJ), the lot has R$ 560 million in planned investments. Initial grant: R$ 138 million.

North Block II: Formed by the air terminals of Bélem (PA) and Macapá (AP), it has R$ 875 million in planned investments. Initial grant: R$ 57 million.

Block SP/MS/PA/MG: Formed by the airports of Congonhas (SP), Campo Grande (MS), Corumbá (MS), Ponta Porã (MS), Santarém (PA), Marabá (PA), Carajás (PA) , Altamira (PA), Uberlândia (MG), Uberaba (MG) and Montes Claros (MG). The planned investment is R$ 5.889 billion. Initial grant: R$ 255 million.

The same bidder may bid for the three blocks. However, the operator must demonstrate processing experience in the last five years of one million passengers for North Block II and five million passengers for SP-MS-PA-MG blocks. In the case of the General Aviation Block, the processing of passengers must be at least 200 thousand passengers or, alternatively, 17 thousand aircraft movements (landings and takeoffs).

With the seventh round of concessions, the country should reach the mark of 49 air terminals granted to the private sector this year. For 2023, the concession of Santos Dumont is planned, in the eighth round, together with Galeão International Airport, whose concessionaire recently requested the return of the asset to the Union, allowing the start of negotiations for the re-bidding process.

For further informations, please contact:
Augusto Simões
Marcelo Pinho

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