Leaders League Brasil released today (09) the new Transactions & Deals 2023 rankings. KLA was highlighted in seven areas: Mergers & acquisitions – Large-cap transactions; Energy & environment – Environmental law; Competition & Antitrust – Merger control; Real Estate; Tax law – Tax: Advisory; Tax Law – Tax: Litigation and Wealth management.

In addition, three of our lawyers were listed as key contacts in their respective areas of practice: Karin Alvo, Mariana Cortez, Letícia Marques, Gianni Nunes, Tiago Cortez, Rodrigo Pontes, Pedro Cortez, Tomaz Matheus, Victor Polizelli, Henrique Lopes, Álvaro Lucasechi, Fernando Koury Lopes, Vera Helena Cardoso and Carolina Ducci.

Check out the KLA’s mentioned areas and lawyers below:

– Mergers & acquisitions – Large-cap transactions (Highly recommended)
Karin Alvo
Mariana Cortez

– Energy & environment – Environmental law (Notable practices)
Letícia Marques

– Competition & Antitrust – Merger control (Valuable practice)
Gianni Nunes
Tiago Cortez

– Real Estate (Excellent)
Rodrigo Pontes
Pedro Cortez
Tomaz Matheus
Mariana Cortez

– Tax law – Tax: Advisory (Recommended)
Victor Polizelli
Henrique Lopes
Álvaro Lucasechi

– Tax Law – Tax: Litigation (Recommended)
Henrique Lopes
Victor Polizelli
Álvaro Lucasechi

– Wealth management (Recommended)
Fernando Koury Lopes
Vera Helena Cardoso
Carolina Ducci

Check the results here.

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