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Transportation and Logistics

The Transportation and Logistics team at KLA holds expertise across various segments within the sector, encompassing highways, railways, airports, ports, subways, and other forms of urban mobility transportation.

The team provides advisory services for transportation infrastructure concession projects, privatization of companies, Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), also engaging in regulatory frameworks. The legal consultancy of the firm further involves tax structuring of operations and covers corporate, labor, and environmental issues.


• Engagement across various transportation and logistics segments, such as ports, airports, highways, railways, subway systems, among other urban mobility modes
• Legal consultancy in project structuring, encompassing the development of studies, modeling, and regulatory frameworks
• Advisory services in PPP (Public-Private Partnerships) projects and public service concessions
• Consultation on transportation and logistics-related tenders, providing assistance until contract signing
• Consulting in structuring, development, and project financing (project finance), including support and negotiation in securing financing (bridge or long-term loans)
• Assistance in tax structuring of operations and its implementation
• Legal consultancy for secured ventures, particularly in interactions with the contracting party (public or private) and regulatory agencies, covering regulatory, corporate, contractual, labor, real estate, and environmental matters


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