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Real Estate Business

The KLA’s team dedicated to Real Estate Business provides assistance at various levels, ranging from the legal structuring of complex real estate transactions and tax advisory services to environmental licensing and regularization procedures with public authorities throughout the country.

Additionally, the team engages in negotiations at every stage of the project, actively participating in fundraising and advising developers, construction companies, securitization firms, and investment funds.


Legal Structuring
• Analysis and advice on the development and structuring of complex real estate businesses
• Legal audit of real estate assets with identification and qualification of any risks

Tax Analysis
• Tax advisory in the structuring of the business, aiming to confidently achieve the best tax efficiency

• Assistance with environmental licensing, land use and occupation and all regularization procedures, with risk assessment and mitigating measures, including in the criminal sphere; public agencies throughout the country

• Direct participation in negotiations with all those involved in various stages of the real estate business

• Active participation in fundraising for the development of real estate business in the financial and capital markets, advising developers, construction companies, securitization companies, financial institutions and investment funds


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